Sunday, December 26, 2010


The snow has been falling since 11:00 am. The weatherman predicts 18 inches of snow to fall by noon on Monday with 40 mph winds producing white out conditions. If it has to snow,  I am glad it that it happened the day AFTER Xmas.

We received a call on Xmas morning and found out that some of our LI family had encountered car problems. It turns out that just like the Grinch, a blown transmission cannot stop Xmas from arriving. The roast was started a little later than planned and dinner time found all of us gathered around the table. 

Santa was extremely generous and we now have several new electronic toys to play with. A large box of Godiva chocolates was one of my favorite gifts. Otis and Cooper received new toys which they immediately ripped apart. I would declare this Christmas a success!

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