Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After Irene

Jeff and I both had to be at work on Monday morning, so I am especially grateful that our power is still on. Driving around town, we saw that many of the roads in Wilton are blocked due to downed power lines.

75% of Wilton is still without power. It appears that CL&P is focusing their efforts on other towns, as this number has not been reduced at all.

On Monday night, I stopped at the grocery store in Wilton Center to purchase some ice cream. I went to the cashier with  a pint of Ben & Jerry's in one hand and cash in the other. The cashier looked at me and said accusingly, "You have power!". I answered, "We never lost it". The young man looked startled and I said, "Maybe I shouldn't say that too loudly".

I mentioned that the restaurants in Wilton Center were packed and the cashier said, "It must be that people don't know how to cook, cause I know they have plenty of food at home. With the number of customers who were here on Thurs and Fri, I thought it was Thanksgiving."

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