Saturday, August 06, 2011

Back to Dr Duffy

Cooper had his annual exam with Dr Duffy at the Norwalk Vet Hospital. Dr Duffy said that Cooper is doing well and has put on 2 pounds since his last visit. I was not surprised, since Cooper had stopped eating the last time we were there.

Dr Duffy cautioned me to make sure Cooper's weight does not increase. As dogs get older, their muscle mass declines. We do not want extra weight to stress Coop's joints or spine.

I mentioned that recently, Cooper has not wanted to put a lot of weight on his right front paw. Dr Duffy checked and did not find any arthritis or muscle issues in the leg. He then said, a pinched nerve in the neck could also cause this. Dr Duffy twisted Coop's neck to one side and their was no response. Moving the neck the other way caused high pitched yelps of pain. Coop was given a cortisone shot and left feeling much better.

Dr Duffy reminded me that while Cooper was a senior, he is not "old". Dr Duffy thinks that Coop (who is almost 10) could live to 14! How can you not like such an optimistic vet.

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