Monday, May 18, 2009

Passage East

For anyone who is wondering, "What happened to the Cooper stories?"....

We spent last week on vacation in Virgina Beach, VA. While we were in VA, Cooper was at Passage East Kennel in Wilton. I was nervous about leaving Cooper, but Jeff reminded me that he is a dog who has been through much worse than spending a week at a highly recommended kennel.

We dropped Cooper off with his food, cottage cheese, treats and toys. The attendant was very nice and did not laugh as I asked that Coop get cottage cheese mixed with each meal.

I thought about Coop every day and wondered if he was doing ok.

When we picked him up on Sat evening, I asked the owner if Coop was ok. He's great I was told, a perfect guest. I asked if he ate - the man seemed surprised, not a problem, cleaned his bowl out every time.

The owner did warn me that our MilkBones were not used because they have special bones that they give the dogs. I guess these bones must be fantastic, because when Coop got home, I gave him a Milkbone. He sniffed it and reluctantly took it with a look that said, "Is this the best you've got ?"

Passage East groups dogs by size, so Coop was in the Lab/Golden wing. We were told that Coop loved to play with the other big dogs (mainly Labs) and did not hesitate to rough house with them! I was surprised. The owner said that he thought Coop would love a brother/sister and they had some rescue dogs up for adoption.

We are not ready for a second dog, but I was glad to hear that Coop adjusted so well to the kennel.

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Bev & Bailey said...

Even though you and Cooper had seperate vacations, sounds like you all enjoyed yourselves! That's excellent! It's a wonderful thing to find a boarding kennel that you can trust where you know your dog is gonna have a good time too!