Friday, May 01, 2009

Tile Started

It took us about an hour to lay out the tile design on the garage floor. Once the design was finalized, the tile cutting and installation began.

The theme of our bathroom is rectangles. This may sound odd, but I fell in love with a Toto rectangular undermount sink. Most sinks are round and the rectangle was different.

I saw the rectangular sink when we selected the downstairs bath fixtures, but wanted a more traditional look for that room. However, the rectangle intrigued me. I started to think about making the rectangle the upstairs "theme".

The red glass accent tile will act as the rectangular border on both the floor and wall. The Bertch cabinet drawers are simple and rectangular.

The sink fixtures were difficult. Jado has some VERY modern rectangular faucets, but in a traditional house, I thought they would be too out of place. I compromised on a more transitional faucet.

I hope all of these ideas will come together and the final look will be fabulous.

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