Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Dog Ate My Gift Card

I purchased a gift card as a birthday present. I placed the card and the receipt on the floor in preparation for wrapping.

I became distracted with another task and heard Otis crunching on something a few minutes later.  I assumed Otis was enjoying his new Nylabone and did not go in to check on what was happening.

When I did check, I saw a small piece of the receipt, the rest had been eaten. Even worse, the gift card had been chewed and there were teeth marks in the plastic.

I was furious that Oti had destroyed this gift. There was no way I could give someone a chewed card! Otis showed no remorse for his transgression.

I went back to the store and explained what had happened. The clerk looked a little confused, but agreed that I could use the chewed gift card to purchase a new gift card. When I got back home, the new card was placed high out of Oti's reach.

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