Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Two Good Citizens

This week was the final dog obedience class.The final class is the Canine Good Citizen test. Each dog is tested on the skills that have been learned the previous 5 weeks.

Otis  passed all 12 skills on the first try! We were thrilled and  the instructor was shocked.  Otis was given the title of the most improved student.

Cooper passed 10 of the skills but failed on the sit/stay and recall. One the first try, Cooper raced towards the puppy class and the squeaky toys.  The instructor was kind, and after all the other dogs were tested she gave Coop another chance. The third time was the charm and Cooper passed the stay/recall test.

Jeff and I learned a lot about how to train the dogs. What surprised me most, is that the dogs can learn new skills, you just have to be firm and consistent. The instructor suggested that both dogs attend the next level of training classes. I am not sure Coop needs this, but Otis definitely does.

Congratulations Cooper & Otis on passing the Canine Good Citizen exam !

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