Saturday, February 26, 2011

Postal Rules

I was waiting on line at the post office. The woman ahead of me stepped to the counter holding a large box. I heard the clerk say we need to talk about basic postal rules. Thinking about my past history of working on postal products, my ears perked up.

The clerk politely explained that the return address goes on the upper left and the destination address goes in the middle. The woman had written the TO: Address at the top and directly below it the FROM: Address. The clerk explained that as it was addressed, the box would be delivered back to her.

The woman's response was, but it's a box! The clerk looked stunned and was silent for a moment. He then kindly took out a marker, crossed out and rewrote the address.

I got called to the counter by another clerk. Upon seeing my Golden Retriever address labels, he asked if I had a Golden. I said I have 2 from a rescue organization. He said his dog was from Yankee Golden Rescue. I said there are too many dogs in rescue. His response was that Goldens were big rambunctious puppies until they turn 6. He thought most people could not deal with their high energy. All I could think was, how will I ever survive 2 more years of Oti's crazy antics!

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