Monday, April 04, 2011


I read an article in Time magazine that stated that there have been massive burial mistakes made at Arlington National Cemetery. I found this to be very disturbing. I had heard this mentioned on the news, but the article was shocking. "One worker said he thinks 1 in 10  times a headstone sits above the wrong grave"!

I understand that Arlington is a large cemetery and mistakes occur, but how can so many people be buried in the wrong place ? Even worse, how can the government use an educated guess policy to determine if the right person is in the correct grave! I realize that digging up a grave is a serious matter. However, if it is the only way to be 100% positive who is buried there, then it should be done.

Shame on our government for not doing everything they can to right this wrong. These soldiers died for our country and should be honored. Their families should not have to wonder if their loved one is truly in the grave that bears their name.

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