Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cooper's Test Results

While we were waiting to pay for Coop's thyroid test, we spoke briefly with Dr Duffy. We are big fans of Dr Duffy,  because he is a great vet and a realist. Dr Duffy said that it was unlikely that low thyroid levels would cause Coop's stiffness. Dr Duffy said Coop probably has arthritis and should be on a buffered aspirin regimen. If Coop's symptoms get worse, he should be put on Previcox permanently.

We discussed Previcox (pain killer) and its risks. The vet said that he has many patients on this drug with no side effects. Liver levels must be monitored every 6 months. Dr Duffy said if the choice is giving a dog Previcox or having to put a dog to sleep because he cannot walk, then the pills are the obvious choice.

Dr Duffy gave Coop a pat and said he thinks Coop still has a few good years left. Coop wagged his tail enthusiastically in agreement. We are all hoping for that.

The test results showed that Coop's thyroid level is  now in the correct range. Coop will stay at the same dosage of medication and be checked again in another 6 months.

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