Friday, April 22, 2011


When Otis gets petted, he likes to lean into you. Our trainer says that  Otis is trying to dominate you, which is not a good thing.

We were walking the dogs and a young girl came running over with her mother following behind. Jeff asked if she would like to pet Otis. The girl  said yes and walked up to Otis.  As the girl petted Otis, he licked her face and she squealed in delight. After a minute or two, Otis began to lean against the girl. Eighty pounds of muscle resting against a 30  pound child.

The girl immediately picked up on Oti's behavior and said, "Mom, he's hugging me". The girl then laughed and said, "the dog is giving hugs".

I never thought of Otis as a hugger. I smiled at the thought of doggie hugs. Children really do see the world differently than adults.

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