Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jewelry Designs

With birthday season approaching, we headed to Jewelry Designs in  Danbury, CT. I had read that this jewelry store matched new gemstones to those you already have. I thought this would be a great chance to finally get a pair of opal earrings made to match my pendant.

At Jewelry Designs, the sales clerk asked what we were interested in. Before I could  take my necklace off, she said we will not have anything that matches what you are wearing. As I looked at the opals on display, I saw several that were milky white or soft green, not the deep dark color of mine. The clerk talked to the owner who said they do most of their opal buying in Oct. The clerk took a picture of my opal and said they would keep an eye out for a possible match when they next purchased opals.

I told Jeff we might need to travel back to Australia to buy matching earrings.....Oh, and while we're there, why not stop in New Zealand  ?? Jeff's response was it would be easier to search the internet for a jeweler specializing in opals.

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