Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lucky Day

Going to Stew Leonard's on a holiday weekend is pure insanity. On a normal weekend, Stew's is crowded, but even the overflow lot is packed on holidays.

I would have avoided this store, but the $5.99/lb lobster sale lured me in. I knew luck was on my side when there was no one ahead of me at the seafood counter. I placed my order and was handed a  big 1.5 lb lobster.

On the way out of the store, we decided to stop for ice cream. As we were waiting on line, a man carrying a cone stopped and asked if we had coupons for free ice cream ? I said no. He said you do now and handed me his grocery receipt! It turns out that of you spend  $100 at Stew's you are entitled to a free ice cream. This  man had bought $300 worth of coffee and earned 3 free ice cream cones. I was so startled by the suddenness of the encounter, I forgot to say thanks. Jeff was quicker thinking and said thank you very much.

As I sat outside eating my blueberry frozen yogurt, I thought what a nice man. I hope he realizes his kind gesture was appreciated.

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