Sunday, September 05, 2010


I read an article about a Dr and his wife who live in West Hills, NY (Long Island) and own a  $2+ million  home on 7 acres. This couple made the news because 150 starving and abused dogs were found abandoned in their sprawling mansion with no food or water.  Many dead dogs were  found within the home.

I was horrified to read this. I will never understand how people can be so incredibly cruel. What tremendous evil must live in their souls to starve helpless animals for sport.

After reading this, I gave Cooper a big hug and a kiss. Their story is Cooper's story. Left alone with no food or water, a life of starvation and abuse. I said a quick prayer that 150 people will come forward to adopt these dogs who desperately need love.

I told Coop that his birthday donation would be sent to the Huntington, NY Animal Shelter, which is now caring for all these dogs. Coop's wagging told told me he liked that idea.

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bbes tribe said...

That is horrendous. Hope those people get fined, go to jail, or maybe have to go without food or water to see how they would like it. Great to help with the donations. Never understand how people can be so mean.