Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Security System - NOT

I always thought that Cooper and Otis made a good alarm system. The dogs usually bark when a car pulls up or if they hear a noise in the middle of the night.

This morning, the C&O security system failed. The 4Runner was having a problem and the mechanic stopped by to pick the car up. The person drove up, parked their car and drove away in the 4Runner. I saw all this through the window. I looked over and  Coop and Otis were sleeping on the bed. The dogs did not even open an eye - they were completely oblivious!

I guess their morning walk and breakfast had made them sleepy.

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Anonymous said...

I was convinced that my golden retriever named Shannon wasn't a good watchdog. It seemed that if someone broke into the house and pet her that she'd probably leave with them.