Sunday, September 12, 2010


While the hardwood floors were being refinished, we spent a few days in Salem, MA. This was our first trip to Salem.

Salem is best known for the witch trials.There is a memorial to the 20 innocent people who were falsely accused and killed for practicing witchcraft. The memorial is very moving, especially the protests of innocence which are carved into stone.The Salem Witch Museum provides an overview of the witch trials.

I did not realize that Salem was once a thriving maritime city with merchant ships sailing the globe. The National Park Service gives a great tour of the sailing ship, Friendship,  and the Custom House. 

The House of the Seven Gables made famous by Hawthorne  has extremely narrow staircases and low ceilings. Not a welcoming place for a tall person. The waterfront views and garden were beautiful.

If you are looking for an evening ghost tour, Hocus Pocus does a fantastic job.

If you get to Salem, stop for breakfast or lunch at Red's Sandwich Shop. Jeff was served 3 plate size pancakes that were so large, he could only eat half of them.

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