Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Death of the Thank You

It seems that Thank You cards are also on the list of endangered species. I have noticed that many people no longer send thank you cards for gifts. It does not bother me, if you send me an email and not a letter. I just want to know that the gift I sent arrived and was not lost in the mail.

In August, I sent a check to a couple who were getting married. We were not invited to the wedding, but I thought it would be nice to send well wishes to the happy couple. The check was cashed shortly after it was received. It is now 4+ months later. A thank you has yet to appear in my mailbox. At first, I thought perhaps the thank you was delayed due to waiting for wedding photos to be developed. As the months dragged on, I realized that there really is no good excuse for not sending a brief note.

There are some people who are trying to make sure the thank you survives. I know that my sister, brother, and sister-in-law make sure that thank you cards are sent  by their kids for gifts they receive.

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