Sunday, January 02, 2011

Shut the Lid

We spent a few days with family in the "North Country". Staying at a new location is always stressful. After a 4 hour drive, both dogs were thirsty and  quickly drank a bowl of water. The dogs drink a lot when they are nervous and I wanted to limit their intake. Cooper had other ideas and quickly found an open toilet bowl.

After the first incident, the toilet lid was shut. Occasionally, people would forget to shut the lid. Coop is crafty and periodically wandered by the bathroom. If the lid happened to be up, Coop would steal a drink. As you can imagine, all this water meant a lot of trips outside. Thankfully, the weather was warm and there was only one inch of snow on the ground.

Jeff had the joy of taking the dogs out at 2:00 am and 6:00 am. Unfortunately, there was one accident on the carpet. I told Coop that he would not be welcomed back. Grandma was very understanding. Grandpa even tried to take the blame, saying he left the lid up. I'm not sure that I would be so nice.

Otis decided that it would be fun to run around the house with the kitchen towels. When no one chased after Oti, he decided to steal Grandpa's socks. By the end of our visit, there was a pile of slobbery towels and socks.

I said. "We're lucky the weather is good, so we can leave on time." Jeff's Mom said, "Yes, it's good you can leave." I knew exactly what she meant ;)

Both dogs slept on the entire ride home. Once inside, both dogs napped on the bed the rest of the day. The water bowls, have been barely touched.

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Steve Prior said...

When I started reading that grandpa tried to take the blame I thought you were saying that he said he was the one who peed on the carpet...