Friday, January 14, 2011

Second day of school

I am sad to report that the second day of dog training was worse than the first. It seems that Otis has dominance issues. Otis barked constantly at the other dogs and did not want to focus on his handler (Jeff). The trainer said these are signs of a dog who thinks he is in charge, not the owner.  Otis loves food and quickly failed the test of not eating the treat which was thrown in front of him.

Cooper did not do much better. During the 5 minute down, Cooper promptly stood up. The trainer said that you should not physically force the dog down, but stand on the lead (so the dog cannot move) and eventually the dog will lay down.  After 5 long minutes, Coop decided to lay down. I know Cooper is stubborn and this will not be the first test of wills.

When the 45 minute session was over, Jeff and I were both mentally exhausted. I am quickly realizing that Danny's family must have spent many hours training him. I can't imagine ever having Coop or Otis off leash and heeling perfectly as Danny did.

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