Wednesday, January 05, 2011

First Day of School

Cooper and Otis attended their first obedience class. It was a little embarrassing to have a  9 & 4 year old dog in a class full of puppies. The class got split into 2 groups, pups with no training and older dogs/dogs with basic training.

Otis did not pay attention to the small dogs, but his alpha tendencies and tremendous bark came out when he saw the larger dogs. Coop was scared and shook the whole time.
This is a beginner class and I thought we would learn the basic commands (sit, stay,down). Instead, since we are in the older group, the expectation is that the dogs already know the basic commands.

This week's lesson was to put the dog into sit/stay and then walk around the dog. It is tougher than it sounds. The other lesson was down and stay. Coop had no interest in laying down. Treats will be brought to future classes. Our homework is to practice these routines daily.

After the 1 hour session, we were all exhausted. When we got home, Coop and Oti hopped up on the bed and went to sleep.

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