Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bruce Marble & Tile

We've had a very good experience with Bruce Marble & Tile in South Norwalk, CT during our bathroom remodel. Not only do they have a tile and granite selection that is second to none, they are extremely fun people to work with.

We worked quite a bit with Alan. When we first started looking he showed us lots of tile samples and made lots of suggestions. He was great in both sharing knowledge and suggesting more budget friendly options. When we finally picked a tile, Alan exclaimed "That one is FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS a square foot!" At first, Valerie and I looked at each other with a blank stare and Alan laughed and gave us the real price much closer to our budget.

A few weeks later, we went to pick out the vanity top. Valerie spied a piece of Esmeralda from across the yard and had to see it. When we inquired about the price, Alan exclaimed "Your wife has very good taste, that slab is FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!" By now we were used to it, and laughed along.

We then went inside and picked an edge for the vanity top. Valerie picked the fancy Ogee edge and Bruce (Alan's Brother) let us in on a secret.

"You know why that call that an Ogee edge? When we tell you the price you say 'Oh Gee...'".

At that point, I interrupted him and said, "Let me guess, FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!"

Bruce Marble & Tile did and excellent job installing the vanity top and they always did what they said they would do. We would not hesitate to use them again.

Checkout their work.

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