Monday, January 05, 2009

North Country

We spent a few days at Jeff's parents house in upstate NY. This is the first time that Cooper met this set of "grandparents".

I was nervous, as Cooper has a lot of energy. After a 4 hour car ride, he raced into the house and sniffed every corner of every room. Eventually, Cooper calmed down and stretched out in front of the wood stove.

Did I mention that there was SNOW - LOTS AND LOTS OF SNOW! The snow easily came up to Cooper's belly. He would come back from his walks with snow balls caked between his pads.

When Cooper walked in the road, he couldn't see over the 3 ft snow bank, so would try to climb on top of them for a better view.

Jeff's parents were very understanding about Cooper's quirkiness (barking when light is reflected onto the ceiling). Jeff's Dad said give him a little more time - Cooper doesn't have to focus on just surviving anymore and can concentrate on being a dog. I like that thought.

I did hear Cooper looks different in person - more like a Lab!

Cooper also go to meet the rest of Jeff's family. I was proud of how well he acted with the kids. In fact, he would go from person to person, asking to be petted.

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