Monday, January 26, 2009


Whenever possible I try to work at home on Friday.

When Danny was here, he would wander into the office every so often to get petted. Danny might even lay down for a few minutes, but would quickly leave and spend most of the day sleeping on the bed.

We know that someone once spent a lot of time training Danny and if he had no interest in spending a day in the office, I thought I would never see Cooper.

The odd thing is that lately Cooper will spend Friday curled up on the office carpet. If I wander into the bedroom, he will jump on the bed, but is soon back in the office.

If I am on an important call, I put Coop in the bedroom. When I go to let him out, Cooper is waiting by the door - ready to run into the office.

Is it possible that someday Cooper could be a "velcro" Golden ?

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