Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cooper's Ornament

Our Westport family came to visit last night and brought us this beautiful ornament. I was thrilled that Cooper will now have an ornament on the Christmas tree.

All of our other dogs have an ornament, which are hung each year near the top of our tree. We bought Danny's ornament before we ever met him. We were in Maine waiting to pick him up and while shopping at LL Bean saw a retriever ornament and bought it.

Our first Golden Retriever ornament was bought several years before Jake arrived. Each year we hung the ornament as a promise for what would come, once we had a house.

Our Sheltie ornament, which looks like Brandy, was bought in Jeff's hometown and will be 20 years old this Xmas.

Hanging the ornaments is bittersweet. I smile as I think of all the happy memories and feel sad for what is lost.

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