Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cooper Update

To try and get Cooper to eat, we are mixing Science Diet I/D canned food with the regular kibble. Coop is eating a little, but not nearly  the amount he should be.
Cooper struggles to stand up and will only stand for a few seconds before sitting down. When Coop walks his back legs seem very stiff and he sometimes stumbles. Coop cannot get comfortable and will lay down and then get up and pace. This process continues all night long.

The vet called and said that Coop's blood tests were fine, except for a low thyroid level. A more extensive thyroid test was run and Coop's level is very low. Cooper will be given pills to raise his thyroid levels.

The vet said that Cooper may have a compressed disc or pinched nerve in his spine. To diagnosis this would require an x-ray or MRI. The vet is concerned that Coop may have a degenerative disorder, for which there is no cure. The only thing we could do would be to medicate for pain. The vet said that Cooper's early years of malnutrition may have caused bone and joint problems, which are now appearing as he ages.

For 10 days, we are to give Cooper a medication to reduce pain  for dogs with arthritis. This will hopefully make Coop more comfortable as we wait to see if thyroid medication helps to increase his appetite and  reduce his neurological symptoms.

Otis does not understand why Coop no longer wants to tussle with him.

Thanks to everyone who is sending good wishes our way.

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