Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Rally-O

Cooper and I skipped obedience class last week, because he was having a hard time standing and walking. Cooper did not seem stiff today, so we decided to attend class.

Upon entering the building we were met with weave poles. This was a big change from weaving around cones. After a few tries, Coop and Oti both figured out what needed to be done and completed the weave in 11 seconds. The smaller dogs managed to finish the exercise in 7 seconds. I could not help but think that our Sheltie, Brandy, would have flown thru this event.

We also worked on an active down, where the dog goes from walking to down with no sit in between. Cooper aced this 5 second down and completed the exercise in 5.3 seconds. Otis managed a close second with 5.4 seconds

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