Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Wrong with Cooper ?

For the past few days, Cooper has not wanted to eat breakfast. I was not too concerned, because Coop was still eating dinner and  milkbones. Jeff thought maybe Coop was having too many snacks and was not hungry.  When Coop showed no interest in dinner last night, I really began to worry. Memories of Danny's loss of appetite and cancer still haunt me.

We also noticed that Cooper is limping and seems stiff when getting up. When Coop could not get comfortable lying on our bed, Jeff ran out to the pharmacy for buffered aspirin. I don't know if Coop's stiffness is from too much rough housing with Otis or possibly arthritis.

Next week is Cooper's cancer-versary. I am extremely aware that we already  have had much more time with Cooper than the oncologist predicted. We have decided that if Coop does not eat breakfast tomorrow, we will make an appointment with Dr Duffy.

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Kathy Hamor said...

Cooper and his family are in my thoughts and prayers. Though I have never met him, I know he is a special boy and has been "living the good life" since he moved to Connecticut. I sincerely hope he becomes more comfortable each day.