Sunday, March 06, 2011


As the pictures show, our existing walkway is an eyesore. It certainly does not increase our home's curb appeal. Even worse than how it looks, is the fact that the stairs are not evenly spaced. Obviously, this was yet another  project that a previous owner did incorrectly.

One of the biggest problems with our home, is that the front door is eight feet above the driveway. This is a huge distance to have to cover in a relatively short space. How to balance a large quantity of stairs  and not look like a Mayan temple was a problem that we struggled with.

We spent this winter interviewing landscaping companies and discussing designs. We have chosen Young's Nurseries and the construction should begin in April. It will take about one month to complete this project.

I thought a month was a long time.  However, I was told that building an 8 foot high stone wall takes a lot of time, skill and material.

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