Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rally-O Oh!

You never know what new obstacle will appear at Rally-O.  When we walked into class the weave poles and a tunnel were out.

We have been practicing the weave poles in our yard. Cooper and Otis completed this obstacle fairly quickly.

The tunnel was something new. Neither dog wanted to go into the 3 foot fabric tunnel. Even tossing a treat into the tunnel was not enough of an enticement. Otis went into the tunnel and sat down,and the tunnel flipped vertically. Many of the smaller dogs raced in and out of the tunnel.

Every day is a new adventure at Rally-O!

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Bev &Tyler said...

I'm catching up on my reading today, so I dropped by to say hi. Such beautiful pooches!! Sorry to read Coop has not been well, but it sounds like your excellent vet is helping Coop to feel better. Tyler said he would be more then happy to tussel with Oti if I could please arrange a play date. I reminded Tyler of how he yelped like a puppy the last time he tussled with a big dog.