Sunday, March 27, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy

I spent the day with a friend in NYC.  We had lunch at Don't Tell Mama. This is a piano/cabaret bar and restaurant. The food was ok (not great) and the service left a lot to be desired. The waiter was hard working, but one person cannot cover an entire restaurant. The sliver of lemon meringue pie I received, could not be called a slice. I would NOT recommend this restaurant if you are in the theater district.

We then went to see the play, Driving Miss Daisy, starring Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones. The Golden Theater is relatively small and there is not much of a set for this show.

 The acting in this 3 person play was incredible! James Earl Jones stole the show and Vanessa Redgrave was fantastic. They did a wonderful job of drawing you in and making you believe that over the years these 2 people who had nothing in common became fast friends. Driving Miss Daisy ends its Broadway run in April.

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