Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cooper's Back

I don't know if it is the fact that Cooper heard the good news from Dr Duffy or if it was that on Monday Coop was home alone and got to sleep most of the day.

In any case, the old "never slow down" Coop was back Monday evening.

Since his surgery, Coop has pretty much ignored his toys and rawhide. This evening he started carrying around his big rubber ball and dropping it at our feet, with a please throw it look on his face.

When he got tired of the ball, Coop started chewing on his rawhide bone. I only let Coop have the bone for a little while, so he would not open up the stitches in his neck. Coop did not want to give the bone up and only a stern word stopped a tug of war from occurring. If you haven't guessed - Coop loves tug of war.

As Jeff says Coop doesn't know he may be sick and we're not going to tell him ;)

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