Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was finally able to speak with Dr. Duffy about his discussion with the oncologist. It turns out that there is a "world class" animal oncology center in Norwalk, just a few miles from Norwalk Vet Hospital.

The oncologist stated that there is a chemotherapy protocol for dogs with thyroid carcinoma. Since they did not have Cooper's test results, they cannot give specific details.

Dr. Duffy is very realistic and reminded me that the oncology center's business is chemo and radiation, so they almost always recommend followup treatment.

I have a lot of concerns about starting Cooper on chemo. We agreed to make an appointment with the oncologist and can then make an informed decision.

The oncologist should be able to tell us how long Coop can survive with and without chemo, the cost for treatments, side effects, etc.

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