Monday, March 09, 2009

Lowes, Take Two & Three

After we discovered that the undermount sink was not installed correctly, we went back to Lowes to exchange that countertop for a new one.

We picked up a new countertop, checked that the plumbing fixtures would fit in the holes and headed back home.

The next day when we went to install the second granite top, we noticed that there was a chip in the front edge of the granite.

This meant another trip to Lowes. We finally found a countertop that we are happy with.

The worst part of all this was carrying an 85 lb granite slab up and down 2 flights of stairs numerous times. The drain and faucets will be installed next weekend.

While at Lowes, we purchased the same brushed nickel knobs that match the ones used in our built in cabinets.

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