Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cooper's Checkup

When Dr. Duffy examined Cooper he found 2 other lumps, not counting the one on his back leg. So, that meant there were 3 masses which were aspirated.

Coop was a great patient - did not pull away during the aspiration, but did yelp when the needle went into his throat.

After reviewing the slides of the aspirated cells, 2 slides were found to be ok (normal cells). However, the third slide of the lump in Cooper's neck seemed to have some abnormal cells.

Dr. Duffy is sending this slide to the lab for confirmation. He does not think it is cancer, but wants more details. At worst, he said the mass would have to be removed during surgery with anesthesia.

We asked what was causing this and the vet said it is mainly genetics and does not have anything to do with diet.

Cooper weighs 59 lbs. (on the vet's scale). Dr Duffy said this was IDEAL and we should make sure he stays trim.

Jeff asked if Dr Duffy thought Coop was a Lab/Golden mix. Surprisingly the vet said "NO". He said Coop has some unusual characteristics for a Golden (the broader nose, the ridge of fur at the bridge of his nose and the shorter ears), but he did not think there was Lab in Coop, because of the feel and length of his coat.

Dr. Duffy said it will take 1 full year for Coop's old coat to grow out and a new one to come in.

So, in 6 more months, we should see the real Cooper.

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